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Our society faces unprecedented high levels of violence against children. Abuse and neglect in early childhood affects brain development and impacts on cognitive and psycho-social adjustment, which results in an increased risk of violent and anti-social behaviour.

So for more than a decade MusicWorks has worked in marginalised communities using the power of music to provide emotional healing and to develop children’s resilience. Our aim is to help them increase their potential to flourish amidst adversity.

Through a musical process, children’s abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives. We are not just making music for the sake of fun, entertainment or to give children something to do after school. We are making music for the sake of changing lives.

We have provided services for 4 779 children during the past seven years. If you want to make a long term impact on a child’s life, help us reach our 2018 target of reaching 5 000 beneficiaries overall and join us in our quest.

By becoming a MusicWorks sponsor you will give a child the chance to experience music and to thrive by joining:

  • individual or group music therapy sessions
  • A marimba band
  • Or a gumboot dance group

We have made it really easy to contribute!
Click here to donate via SnapScan or click here for alternative payment methods.