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Staff & Board

Raymond Schuller

Raymond Schuller


A seasoned professional from within the NGO sector, Raymond brings highly honed skills in strategic stakeholder engagement and development, fundraising, CSI and public relations to MusicWorks.

He served on the MusicWorks board for several years before being appointed to the position of Executive Director in April 2020 which has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the organisation, its people, programmes and possibilities. Raymond’s particular fondness for order in his personal and workspace will keep the rest of the MusicWorks family in check and harbouring a secret ambition to become a master of all things brewed, his barrister skills will certainly come in very handy during MusicWorks’ legendary marathon planning sessions!

Alexanne Tingley

Operations Director

With a career spanning both the performing arts and the Non-profit sector, working with children and young people from marginalised communities, Alexanne has been a passionate member of the MusicWorks family since 2009.

Her meticulous (and colour-coded) organisational skills and her innate compassion make her indispensible to the organisation – as she drives from the heart, steadily and assuredly, with the conviction of the immeasurable impact that can be made in even one person’s life.

Andalucia Garcia

MusicWorks Administrator

Proud mother of 4, Andalucia offers administrative support and much more, to the office staff and field workers at MusicWorks. She’s flexible and supportive in a quiet, gentle way; with a deep caring for the children and young people involved in our programmes.

Roma Nathan

Financial Administrator

Roma is responsible for the day-to-day finances of MusicWorks, and lives on a diet of spreadsheets and numbers. Her kindness and patience in what can be a very busy office, impacts very positively on everybody else’s working day.

Bongile Mark Williams

Music for Life programme coordinator and

Mark is the Pied Piper of MusicWorks – a force of nature to whom children are drawn. He is grounded, resourceful and broad-minded; offering a bigger picture of the communities we serve.

Mark’s contribution of context and community is critical for meaningful musical interventions – he identifies cultural mindsets that support hopelessness and negativity, and embraces and drives the required change.

Pamela Gongxeka

Community Musician

Pam joined the MusicWorks family in February 2019 as a Community Musician within the Music for Life programme. Pam has brought with her a wealth of knowledge in African Dance and performing on traditional instruments. She has invigorated the sessions with African Dance now a key aspect of the programme.

Thabiso Mapalane

Senior Community Musician

Thabiso started his career at MusicWorks as a beneficiary of our Music for Life programme several years ago in Nyanga. Thabiso always showed exceptional talent, not only in marimba playing but also in his ability to nurture and teach younger children.

When an opening arose within the MusicWorks internship programme, he was a natural choice. Thabiso graduated from his internship and was appointed a Community Musician at the start of 2019. He is a real asset to the MusicWorks family and displays great insight, wisdom, original thinking and aptitude; all the qualities that make so valuable, not only to our organisation but also to the beneficiaries with whom he works!

Siya Majali

Community Musician

Siya joined MusicWorks at the start of 2023 as a Community Musician.  An accomplished marimba player and teacher, Siya has gained extensive experience teaching children as part of the Government’s Expanded Public Works Programme and is a seamless fit with MusicWorks! 

We are very much looking forward to continuing on our MusicWorks journey together. 

Kerryn Tracey

Music Therapist

After qualifying with a masters degree in Music Therapy in 2014, Kerryn has worked within numerous contexts providing clinical music therapy to children with profound disabilities, persons with dementia and children processing grief and loss.

Kerryn joined MusicWorks in 2019 and took over running therapy sessions at Friends Day Centre and when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she worked alongside our team to implement our newly developed Covid Response Programme at a school in Heideveld.

Aside from music therapy, Kerryn is a musician in has been known to enjoy playing bagpipes!

RIP, Zwai Mvimbi

In October 2022, our dearest and beloved colleague, Zwai Mvimbi passed away unexpectedly.  At the time of his passing, Zwai had been a part of the MusicWorks fabric for 15 years and was our longest serving staff member. 

Zwai was a skilled marimba player and percussionist, performing both locally and abroad. 

He was deeply committed to passing on his skills to a younger generation, which earned him the status of an ‘elder’ in the true sense of the word. His fatherly kindness and gentleness towards children from environments in which men’s actions are often associated with disrespect and danger, spoke volumes about an alternative, caring way of being.

Forever missed.

Dr Andeline Dos Santos



Kerryn Torrance and Sunelle Fouché co-founded MusicWorks in 2003. Armed with Masters Degrees in Music Therapy and a good dose of courage, they were determined to pioneer the relatively unchartered territory of music therapy in South Africa, particularly in marginalised communities.

From offering music therapy to children at the Heideveld Safe Room, they grew an organisation which would become deeply embedded in the fabric of under resourced communities across the Cape Peninsula. 

Together they visioned an innovative and ground breaking NPO that has spread far beyond the original remit of music therapy.  The organisation now runs an in-school Creative Resilience Programme, the Music for Life programme which incorporates in-school and after-school programmes and our Creative Music Facilitation programme which trains Early Childhood Development practitioners in using music in a creative and meaningful way in the classroom.

Sunelle lead the organisation as its Executive Director until she stepped aside at the start of 2020 to pursue her long held desire to focus on research and complete her PhD.  She continues to supervise the next generation of music therapy students who complete their onsite pratical placements in Cape Town.  Kerryn, moved away from working full-time at MusicWorks in 2014 and whilst still a serving MusicWorks board member, she is also the lead contracted facilitator of MusicWorks’ Creative Music Facilitation (ECD) training. In addition, she runs a thriving music studio teaching violin and performs regularly in numerous ensembles.

The Board

Kerryn Torrance, co-founder of MUSICWORKS

Titilayo Adedokun-Helm
Vice Chairperson

Melody Nowai

Brenda Roberston
Diane Ross
Raymond Schuller
Hilton Donson
Secretary: Alexanne Tingley (ex officio)