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MusicWorks Supporters

We recognise that systemic change is only possible through collaboration and partnerships with both local and international stakeholders who share our vision, commitment and values.  

Music Therapy Internships

MusicWorks has a long-established relationship with the Music Therapy Department at the University of Pretoria.  Each year, final year Masters in Music Therapy students are placed at MusicWorks as part of their practical internship which is supervised by MusicWorks’ therapists.  At the start of each academic year, MusicWorks runs a student block on Community Music Therapy for the 1st year Masters students.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norwegian and Israeli universities sent their students to us because our unique approach in a complex context provides their students with valuable training experience.

Strategic partnerships

Depending on the themes for discussion, we invite specialist organisations and/or individuals to present on their areas of expertise related to our programme outcomes to enhance our interventions.

Leading a Community of Practise

MusicWorks took the lead in establishing a national network of individuals, organisations or programmes engaged in arts-based activities organised to promote the psychosocial health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. This community embraces both the therapeutic model and a developmental approach, within a cultural framework.  Focus areas include:  Delivering good and effective practice with significant impact and in a sustainable way;  

  • Sharing and disseminating knowledge in support of good and effective practice;
  • Collectively advocating the value and impact of artistic intervention; and
  • Generating local research

School management and leadership

The success of the programme is highly dependent on the enabling environment created by the local management and leadership of the schools where we implement our programmes. These include making facilitates available for the sessions to be held, encouraging learners to attend the session and affirming learners who participate in the programme.

  • Department of Social Development (DSD)
  • ELMA Foundation
  • Otto Foundation
  • Instrumental Horizons
  • The Learning Trust
  • 3C Belmet Marine (Pty) Ltd
  • Stephen Lewis Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • The David Graaff Foundation
  • National Arts Council

  • Het Maagdenhuis
  • Voices from the Heart
  • IQRAA Foundation
  • DG Murray Trust
  • Maid Foundation
  • Fondation Alta Mane
  • Soroptomist International Cape of Good Hope
  • Beautiful World Canada
  • St James Church, London
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation
  • United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  • Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
  • Community Chest Impumelelo Social Innovations Awards
  • Rolf Stephen Nussbaum Foundation
  • Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust
  • Lottery Distribution Trust Fund
  • MTN SA Foundation
  • RAITH Foundation