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Social Innovator in Arts and Culture Award

We are thrilled to share with you that at an award ceremony at the Artscape Theatre Centre on Sunday 10 November 2019, MusicWorks and our Music for Life programme was announced the winner in the category: Social Innovator in Culture and Arts.

The award formed part of the Community Chest Social Innovations Awards. Out of 200 entries from across South Africa, only 14 organisations were selected as winners in their various categories.  For MusicWorks, an honour and an endorsement such as this is immeasurable.

The Music for Life project is targeted at communities on the Cape Flats where high levels of violence, gangsterism and poverty negatively impact the well-being of children growing up here. For these children, the risk of early school drop-out and becoming involved in destructive activities such as gangs and substance abuse from a young age is extremely high.

The Music For Life project unlocks the potential in children so that they become resilient, creative beings; able to dream; and capable of positively contributing to society. And we do this through music – a resource that is still thriving in our communities, in spite of, the challenges and adversities they face.

We are very proud of the whole MusicWorks team and especially the Music for Life facilitators who implement this programme with great care and passion.