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Celebrating 20 years of
nurturing hope and resilience
through music and dance

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We use the power of music .....
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... to unlock potential in vulnerable children
and their communities.
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Music gives joy and sparks creativity.
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Music gives hope and
a belief in possibilities.
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Music groups offer a sense of identity and belonging.
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Music-making offers an escape from social isolation.
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Through music we create safe spaces for engagement, creativity, care and healing.
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Music is of infinite value
to the healing and strengthening processes of
both individuals and communities.

MusicWorks is a Non-Profit Organisation partnering with communities in Cape Town’s marginalised neighbourhoods.

In many parts of the Cape Flats, young children grow up in under-resourced environments, characterised by poverty, violence, abuse, substance abuse, gangsterism, neglect, abandonment or illness (most often a combination of these). Subsequently, many young children miss out on the playfulness of childhood, which in turn impacts on their emotional and social development.

This is How Music Works

Written, composed and performed by
Lize Beekman and children from Heideveld Primary

Why Music Works

We use the power of music to unlock potential in the lives of children and their communities.

Music is a social resource, with the profound ability to strengthen and heal individuals, as well as communities.

Through instrumental improvisation, singing, musical storytelling, song writing or movement to music, we create safe spaces for engagement, creativity, care and healing. 

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How MusicWorks

To many, making music suggests a luxury pastime, a ‘nice to have’.
To the children in our programmes, making music is a necessity, a life line,
offering a hopeful alternative to hopelessness.

Early Childhood Development Programme
(Creative Music Facilitation)
Music for Life
Music Therapy
Creative Resilience

For all its natural beauty, the greater Cape Town area can be a dangerous place for a child.

We have witnessed the positive results of Music Interventions.

These positive results strengthen our belief that music offers hopeful alternatives to vulnerable children and young people in Cape Town.

Music gives hope and unlocks human potential

While not easily quantifiable, music is of infinite value
to the healing and strengthening processes of
both individuals and communities.

I have taught at this school for 28 years and I can clearly see the change in the children and the school since MusicWorks started its programmes here.

Deputy Principal

I always watched how Thabiso (MusicWorks community musician) performs magic with the kids. He always surprises me. Each time he comes with a different energy that the children enjoy.

MusicWorks Intern

I was on an outing with the women and a song came on the radio and they shouted, ‘This is our music therapy song!’ and they all sang together.

Staff member at
a place for safety