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MusicWorks partners with communities in Cape Town’s marginalised neighbourhoods where violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and the high incidence of HIV/Aids have left many children vulnerable.

We act through invitation. Rather than acquiring our own fixed premises, we prefer to operate as a “travelling” service, practising Music Interventions on the premises of communities who invite us to do so.

Heideveld is a community on the Cape Flats that was first developed in 1962 and is situated within the Greater Athlone area. 

It is characterised by the strong presence of gang activity, substance abuse, high levels of unemployment and learners who drop out of school.

We run our Creative Resilience Programme at Woodlands Primary (Grade 6) and our in-school African Dance programme at Heideveld Primary (Grade 4 and 5).

Holy Cross Primary is situated in what was originally known as District Six, a vibrant community that was decimated by the apartheid government during the dark period of forced removals in which families were separated and communities fragmented.

However, the culture of the schools situated within this community has remained and is driven to create a nurturing environment where life-long learning is encouraged.

The Hague Primary is a no fee school with approximately 1 400 learners drawn from the surrounding communities. The school has both English and Afrikaans classes across all grades. MusicWorks runs weekly in-school African Dance sessions as part of the Life Orientation curriculum with Grade 5 learners.

Hope Cape Town strives to improve the quality of life of children, youth and families affected by HIV, social challenges and related conditions and assists them to reach their full potential. MusicWorks funds after-school marimba and dance sessions for children from their after-school programme (Music for Life Programme).

Friends Day Centre is a Non-Profit-Organisation based a short distance from Cape Town’s city centre.  It is a school and care facility for up to 120 learners with severe and profound disabilities.

MusicWorks provides weekly music therapy sessions for individuals and groups.

St Vincent’s RC Primary School is a primary schools situated in Koelenhof, outside of Stellenbosch in Cape Town’s winelands. It serves learners from Kayamandi township and Koelenhof. 

MusicWorks runs weekly sessions, offering the Creative Resilience Programme to Grade 6 learners.

Langa (sun in isiXhosa) was established in 1927 and is one of the oldest townships in South Africa with the area playing a pivotal role in the resistance against the apartheid government.

Zimasa Primary School is situated in one of Langa’s main roads and is a school that prides itself on its academic and arts-based successes, despite its lack of resources.

MusicWorks runs weekly after-school marimba sessions for Grade 6 children.

Heideveld Primary School:  Situated within the Heideveld community

Chaeli Campaign: Intellectual and physical disability

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