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Music Therapy

Children living in the Cape Flats are often exposed to trauma, and suffer the debilitating effects thereof; such as rage, distrust, hyper-vigilance, depression, grief and anxiety. While evidence suggests that therapeutic intervention is essential to process trauma and overcome these effects, psycho-social support in these communities is very limited.

In addition to offering music therapy within communities, we also work with children and young people in Child and Youth Care Centres and Residential Care Facilities.

One-on-one or group-based Music Therapy sessions provide children with much needed clinical interventions. Music Therapy gives a voice to the unheard and unhealed experience, and assists the remedial process. Musical structures such as songs can be used to tell a person’s individual story, and the playing of instruments can help in dealing with strong emotions such as anger and grief. It is in the act of creating new, improvised music that health can be restored, and Music Therapists are clinically trained to facilitate this.

In these interventions, music becomes the glue to help regain trust and build coping mechanisms. These mechanisms not only strengthen the child’s inner resources, but also identify and build their social resources; ultimately encouraging a renewal of hope and a belief in possibilities.

MusicWorks’ Music Therapists have a Masters degree in Music Therapy and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

“WOW! I am at a loss for words… the children just responded so beautifully. I wished for them that you could be a part of their life on a daily basis.”

Fine Music Radio staff member visiting Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital (now closed)