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Gumboot Dance Workshops

Captivate your child with the excitement of Gumboot Dance whilst giving the same opportunity to children on the Cape Flats! 


Gumboot Dance Workshops is an exciting music programme developed by MusicWorks’ music therapists and community musicians. The Workshops are based on our VIP Principles:

Children are Very Important (little) People who should have their contributions Validated, as well as have an opportunity to Initiate creatively and be Playful.

Picture2 The programme focusses on pre-schoolers (3-6 years) and includes Gumboot Dance songs and routines, as well as musical techniques that encourage creative and physical development in young children. Whether the children are learning the steps to a Gumboot dance, contributing sounds and movements to a story-song, or experimenting on a drum, the VIP activities adapt to the age appropriate levels of creative play. The programme not only develops children’s singing, dancing and rhythmic abilities, but also enhances gross motor function. Furthermore, the songs are sung in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans which exposes children to Cape Town’s cultural diversity.

We have piloted this programme at ‘Kidz on Board’ in Sea Point, with high praise from both teachers and parents. We are currently looking to expand this programme in other schools on the Atlantic Seaboard. The cost for Gumboot Dance Workshops is R400 per term (includes 8 sessions). And here is the added bonus to this programme:

For every child paying for Gumboot Dance Workshops, 3 children on the Cape Flats will have access to a similar programme

We are currently running an adapted version of this programmePicture1 for children aged 9-12 years in primary schools in Heideveld and Lavender Hill. The programme forms part of the CAPS Arts and Culture curriculum at these schools and the MusicWorks facilitators serve as positive male role models to children growing up in communities where gangsterism is rife.The Gumboot Dance Workshops that run at schools on the Atlantic Seaboard will support the cost of running the programme in schools on the Cape Flats.

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