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A MUSICWORKS SONG! Written and performed by Lize Beekman

This is the story of MusicWorks and it has to be told and heard. It is the story of hope. It is the story of people who use music to open new worlds for children. It is the story of the power of music which gives children second chances. It is the story of children who are taught how to communicate even if they don’t have words.

Through the generosity of a longstanding donor, MusicWorks today launches a commercial recording written and performed by well-known South African artist, Lize Beekman.

Music has the power to change lives, especially where trauma and violence have disrupted lives. For singer and songwriter Lize Beekman the therapeutic impact of music is a reality she has experienced first-hand. Thus it was an obvious match between Beekman and MusicWorks, as we utilise music as a therapeutic tool to support traumatised, sick and disabled children in communities within broader Cape Town and the Cape Flats areas. MusicWorks has inspired Beekman to compose and record her first commercial song in almost four years.

“This is How Music Works” tells the story of how children who have been numbed and silenced by trauma, disability or illness, are helped to find their voice through the gift of music. “Breaking the silence when we’ve got no words. That’s how music works.”

Beekman says the writing and recording of the song after an absence of almost four years “is like an old, lifelong friend who turned up at your door”. Her own life experiences filled her with a deep understanding and empathy for the children who are confronted on a daily basis by difficult circumstances and trauma at such an early age.

“For me as an adult working through trauma was a very difficult and long journey. And it must be even more so for these children. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for organisations such as MusicWorks which take these children under their wings and make the prospect of healing and hope a reality. Without MusicWorks and the work that they do this might not have been possible and the damage permanent.”

The music video features young people from MusicWorks’ Music for Life programme which are situated in places such as Heideveld and Lavender Hill. By mastering a musical skill and given the opportunity to perform in front of audiences, MusicWorks creates a community which supports and validates children.

To support MusicWorks’ financial sustainability, the song is available to purchase through the following platforms:

Itunes: This Is How Music Works – Single by Lize Beekman

Google Playstore:

For anyone not using these devices, the song can also be bought at