Zandile’s Story

The MusicWorks Early Childhood Development Programme trains 12-15 participants over a 9-month period. During this time, the participants (pre-school teachers, social workers, child-care workers etc.) learn how to incorporate music into their day, while using it in such a way that will encourage VALIDATION of each child, INITIATION from the little ones in their care and PLAYFULNESS! Our aim is for the programme to offer more than just basic music skills. Rather, it offers a new way of thinking about children as well as the value of creativity. Furthermore, songs and activities are developed with the participants during the training so that they can see how opportunities for little ones to express themselves can be created throughout the day.

This training consists of three phases, in order to ensure that each participant undergoes:
1) Their own PERSONAL PROCESS around creativity and the power of music (The Music Child Process);
2) Training WORKSHOPS, in which songs and activities are developed as well as the underlying principles (encouraging validation, initiation and playfulness);
3) An accompanied MENTORING process, in order to assist them in implementing their newly acquired skills.

Zandile, who we see in this documentary, was a participant of one of our training cycles. She shares her story and the way in which the MusicWorks training has taken effect in her life.