Singing to a new tune

Sound the trumpets! Drumroll please…and blow those vuvuzelas! On the 10th of February 2014, the Music Therapy Community Clinic becomes MusicWorks!

Welcome to our new website – which tells the story of how MusicWorks uses the power of music to unlock potential in the lives of children and young people in Cape Town.

Since 2003 we have conducted pioneering work in the field of Music Therapy in marginalised communities, for which we have received recognition both locally and abroad. We‘ve developed a practice that is unique to the South African context, adapted to the needs of our beneficiaries and which embraces the musical and cultural diversity of this country.

Our work over the past decade has enforced our belief that music is a social resource, with the profound ability to strengthen and heal individuals, as well as communities. We’ve chosen a new name for the organisation that echoes this: We know that music works – we bear witness to this in our various programmes every day.

The new logo is a visual representation of our work. The circle within a circle symbolises a pulse or beat – the music within us and around us to which we all respond. Different colours and sizes of the circles represent the variety of our work, the diversity of the people we work with, and how one shapes the other.

The arrangement of the circles reflects the musical spaces that we aim to create: where young people can experience a sense of community, while at the same express themselves creatively. The darker circles within the lighter circles (the targets) represent focus and purpose: we think, plan, implement and reflect; carefully and continuously.

The stories, songs and interviews on this website speak of how music has brought hope and possibilities to the lives of children and young people in Cape Town.

Lastly, we want to thank the donor (who has chosen to remain anonymous) who made this transformation possible.