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Pays for one child to do Gumboot Dance sessions for a term.
Participants learn songs, routines and musical techniques in a playful and creative way.


Pays for one child to do Marimba sessions for a term.
These sessions include transport to and from rehearsals, mentoring by community musicians, as well as transport to performances and outings.


Pays for one child to have 10 Music Therapy sessions.
Music Therapy sessions are structured according to the child’s needs and are either in a group or individual format.


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Enable us to continue offering positive music interventions to children and young people.

Alternatively, banking details provided below*


We see our funders as partners in our mission: to create safe spaces for children to generate hope and possibilities for their lives through Music Interventions. Regular monthly contributions enable us to budget and plan the logistics necessary to create these safe spaces.

See payment options below*


Play it Forward concerts are inspired by the film Pay it Forward: A music concert is ‘passed on’ in a chain reaction of goodwill; raising funds and increasing exposure for our work.

Launched by one small concert in Cape Town, the objective is to spread Play it Forward to as wide an audience as possible – across musical styles, and across the world. Concert formats are diverse – from home concerts to school halls, amateur musicians to professionals, chamber concerts, orchestras and choirs.

So if you are a musician, event organiser, interested community member or simply someone who loves music, we invite you to Play it Forward and organise the next concert.


MusicWorks currently has no volunteer positions available.  Email to be placed on our mailing list should a post become available.


MusicWorks is a Non Profit Organisation, NPO Number 029 601.

We welcome donations via PAYFAST, SnapScan or bank transfer. Please contact with any queries.

For sponsorships, please use ‘music sponsorship’ as your reference, and confirm by email the sponsorship option you prefer.
For monthly contributions, please set up a debit order with your bank.

Banking Details:
Account Name: MUSICWORKS
Bank: ABSA
Account: 405 895 2649
Branch Code: 632 005
Swift Code for international deposits: ABSAZAJJ
Please use your name and telephone number as a reference.


All donations are tax deductible:

MusicWorks is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO# 930011978) and donations to the organisation will be tax deductible in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Income Tax Act. In summary, if you make a donation, you can claim a tax rebate for the donated amount (subject to SARS conditions). Tax exemption certificates will be dispatched at the end of the tax year.

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